Your Ideal Choice in Food Packaging Solutions

Megafoam a renowned manufacturer and supplier of food packaging products made from Expanded Polystyrene [EPS], Polystyrene [PS], Polypropylene [PP] and Paper.


Our objective are to lead the foodservice industry in increasing operational excellence and value by providing wide range of products such as cups, containers, bowls, boxes, plates, covers and lids. OEM, Private Label and Customised Printing manufacturing facilities are installed to cater to these requirements as well.

Megafoam will continue to improve its product range so its latest products will always be ready to face changing needs of the market requirements. New product line such as paper cups, paper insulated cups, paper boxes and biodegradable products have been created along the way. As the same time, Megafoam is continuously revitalised in the virtual world in the form of online activities on www.megafoam.com.